Thursday, March 31, 2011

Project Management class 30032011

Observe this pictures...

People in front really pay attention on what Miss Citrakala lecture about..All I can remember is that only the title of the lecture which was Risk Management..ok..Let's talk about risk here..What would be the risk of sitting at the back..????????????
 Look at ehha, she was sitting in the 2nd last row, look closely, she's actually facebooking..
 Another risk, tend to do nonsense to each other, gossiping and posing for mamarazzi.
 Day dreaming, think about his girlfriend far far far far away...Tips on : Long distance relationship is all about commitment, trust, honesty, loyalty, time for each other and LOVE. Insyaallah..
The worst part is sleeping.. While gossiping, we still can see, while day dreaming we still can see. Facebooking and posing we still can hear but!

At the time I capture these photos, I didn't realize what is actually going on with the class, I mean the people.. Til' I go through my photos, scroll down my tons of photo album in my lappy then haaaaaa...I can see this. The attitude of students in class.. Its a natural way of life actually isn't it. I don't know but you can interpret it here yourself and do some research.. This is what pictures do to us, it captures the moment that can't be seen again even in a million years and it gives us the life, lesson, memories and experience in a single photo. Hope you enjoyed!

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