Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Around Tanjong Piai

From UTM to Tanjong Piai
Zita Indra the stewardess in duty..ahhahahhahahah...
The 'smile-cheese-pose' moment
Pineapple peace y'all
Nenas no war
Smile ladies!!!
Pak Andak, the nenas eater
Izat wanna get mad, he gonna get the blade
Siti with her sleepy face
Bruna Mars obsession
Double couple of the year
Tanjong Piai Trademark
One way sehala sahaja
Walk & walk
Smile guys!!
Be cool~
Photo taking under direct sun was challenging
 We are really at the end of Peninsular Malaysia..In between bebeh!!!..Btw, why do I look so big in this pic? Its genetic I guess...hahahhaahahha...not because of my fat...I like the pose though..
The missing things in this photo was there's no Ehha & Siti in it...

Rombongan Meminang

The representatives of the men's side
Tok Kadi in training wanna memorize the sentences
The mother & father in law soon to be
The groom / pengantin lelaki known as Dong ( Dom of Kelantan )
The bride / pengantin perempuan ( Hana Saleha )

So this was it for our 2nd day trip around Johor. We went to 3 places in a day.. Again tomorrow!! Get ready and get gorgeous for tomorrow everyone..Im gonna take most of y'all photos tomorrow..

Taman Merdeka

The taman
Our 2 baby sitter
We & all the Farahs
5 of us
Magic Mirror Reflection...this mirror, it may show the opposite, you could be thinner than you are & you could be bigger also than you are.
Hana Saleha, Julaida Johan, Zaty someone here, & kak Sri Mas
At different angle
Hallo hallo..rojer2 582 calling!

Hello readers! This is the 2nd part of our trip which was Taman Merdeka just nearby to Hutan Bandar. Again photo taking!! Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tenth of May 2011

The moment in one swoop
Runway show in Hutan Bandar
Wah..I am the tallest..
Look forward to the future
Walk & breath in the clean air
 Smile y'all!!
To the right..Abbas!!
To the left..where is Abbas?
Run zhafrie run~~
Short speech by PM Zahid
Smile Fatin..weeee
Piqha was so excited..don't know why..
Evil Laugh..hahahahahaheyheyhey
The CEO of this program
Our ex leader, currently known as the New Politician
Zhafrie Akmal..the Chef
Whoah..the gardener damn drop dead handsome..touch up a bit..
Ah..with Abbas?? New couple of the year..

Most Wanted!
Her name is Diet..damn, she was really feeling the air..
Shah Ashburn a.k.a O Conner( Fast N Furious ) wannabe..ahhahah
This is me!!! ( with shades )..I could be more fairer if I quit my swim lessons.. and I could be thinner when I stay in JB..well, 4 months in Kuching later, am I gonna be? like an air balloon..rounder & bigger & fatter & chubbier & cuter!!!hahahha..jokes..daaaa~~
My roommie Sarah a.k.a Panjox..Zizan's girlfriend..
The "sakainess" of's fun to be 8years old again..hahahah..
who's daughter??anyone??
Abbas & PM Zahid
Laugh out Loud!!!! I could get really ugly when I laugh..who cares..

Hey dearest..first of all, sorry for a long no-update-entry for this blog..Well, these are the photos out of hundreds of it..We when to Hutan Bandar & Taman Merdeka JB. Let me do some intro about 2-SGT, its a very active group not like other classes, loud one, always create problems including the higher authority, yet we all are intelligent & genius..hahhhahahha.. We basically do some research about trees at that site.. Haaaa!!! Na-uh..No such thing.. Actually, we laugh, took tons of crazy pics, laugh again, breath in the oxygen, laugh again, snap here & there & laugh again... Thats all.. We had a great time there. Just look at the pictures, enough said. This was the 1st day of outing program & to somewhere else later.. Going to update again later. Hope you enjoyed.. Love 2-SGT.

Sorry for those who were not in these pics.