Thursday, March 31, 2011

Project Management class 30032011

Observe this pictures...

People in front really pay attention on what Miss Citrakala lecture about..All I can remember is that only the title of the lecture which was Risk Management..ok..Let's talk about risk here..What would be the risk of sitting at the back..????????????
 Look at ehha, she was sitting in the 2nd last row, look closely, she's actually facebooking..
 Another risk, tend to do nonsense to each other, gossiping and posing for mamarazzi.
 Day dreaming, think about his girlfriend far far far far away...Tips on : Long distance relationship is all about commitment, trust, honesty, loyalty, time for each other and LOVE. Insyaallah..
The worst part is sleeping.. While gossiping, we still can see, while day dreaming we still can see. Facebooking and posing we still can hear but!

At the time I capture these photos, I didn't realize what is actually going on with the class, I mean the people.. Til' I go through my photos, scroll down my tons of photo album in my lappy then haaaaaa...I can see this. The attitude of students in class.. Its a natural way of life actually isn't it. I don't know but you can interpret it here yourself and do some research.. This is what pictures do to us, it captures the moment that can't be seen again even in a million years and it gives us the life, lesson, memories and experience in a single photo. Hope you enjoyed!

Planning Law class 30.03.2011

Photographed with VivazPro Sony Ericsson

Kebiasaan...Siti ada kandungan..

Photographed with Hazel Sony Ericsson

 Siti, tug in ur stomach please..ahhahahahha..
 Shafeeqa Hahau & Fatin
 Siti again & Mas
 Close up to Fatin
 Sri mas & Iyra
 Syafeeqa & Mas.....urm, & Iyra at the back with weird face.
 Pose babe pose!
 Snap snap snap..
 Siti & Baby or formally known as Balkiss
 Shiela & Syafeeqa
Solute to everyone with your head held up high.

Hey everyone, just an ordinary post with crazy pictures taken during class..Gonna miss you all later! 

Education festival

Our booth, Jabatan Pentadbiran Tanah
Ehha & Siti
Ehha, intruder named Paez & Siti
 Both ehha & azi are in pink, happier to get a pink balloon! For both of them indeed.
 Foreigners at our booth and even ask me to take their pictures..What else then? Smile!!
 Over & over again
Gabriel and Jack, our senior..inspire lots of people to study and enroll in our course.

This was held on last Thursday, 24032011, until 28032011..It was a good experience for us to meet lots of people and explain to them what are our course is all far, people are more interested to real estate matter..Maybe, they want to beat Donald Trump empire in the future..Who knows a Malaysian will be the next biggest empire on real estate..Insyaallah..Study well everyone! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

purple day yall!

I'm ready for the camera but others this one!
again the same post by me, Sarah why senyum alang-alang?Amni,phewwiit!hHarry,she smiled till I can't see her eyes.Yan, what are you thinking?Julaida,world peace no war. fatin, buy 2 kerepek from me 2ringgit...!!! Kilah, it was like a silkygirl photocover!puhh~~
I'm just wondering, maybe thats what I am going to look like when I cut my hair short like a boy..macho huh?puuh~~

Gonna miss y'all later for 4 months!!I mean the whole class....da...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It was a long time since I'd updated. Today's news is about scandal in our class 2-SGT. Who? With whom? When? Why? Where? What? How? ah...I don't really care. Well, I said SCANDAL, not COUPLE......yet!

First up, Faiz Sahaja and Neyda Surihani..met each other from- Neyda's voice while she is singing and paez looked at her..boom! Love at first sight huh?

This is paez...the naughty boy in class.
and this is neyda. She is kind of a singer in UTM and she is our junior. you may meet her in any dinner under UTM.

Second runner up, Rosasnizah and Radin. This is what I called, Double R..met each other through comments in facebook. What ?! It's true..

next guy to paez is radin. He is paez's best friend. This was the best picture I got.
This is Rose. In Zara TRF jacket.

Third runner up, Laskar Khilafah and Nik Syarifah Nurhazirah. Both of them are in our class. Laskar fell in love to Azi in such away he likes azi's post so much..LIKE LIKE LIKE.

laskar's HERE.
azi's click click

These are the people so far caught in scandals. Well, they actually didn't do all the date stuff. But, we never know. I said this in the most respectful way, I saw most of couple nowadays and still together met each other accidentally and they actually at first didn't realize that they like each other till they feel something inside, the vibe, the chemistry, the feeling, the bond and whatever relating to feelings and love. Not all, but yes out there, there is. I swear, we never know what might happen. Nobody knows.

These are the top 3 news so far. Just for fun. Nothing more. XOXO. GOSSIP POST. Scandal!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

11th march 2011

The silliness of our law class..during 5minutes break of course..

Our lovely Mdm. can see the chargor & chargee at the back..
Shuhida & Ira
Ida cik, Sri mas, Qam is sleeping, Zaty looks really busy and whatever it is looks really complicated, aini, julaida johan, haryana, suzy ( I can only see her head ), & zubaidah....
at the next side, alina, illa, 2 gossip girls tham & than, kak ida, zaty again with aini, sarah and back to zubaidah.
pieqa, mas, yati, fatin & saleha..
gentlemens..are they?im not sure.. abbas, laskar, paez is sleeping under his blazer, syuk, umpi haler, ray & loh.
sri mas, iera & shuhida
Iera with the cute pose..ha....cute?jokes!

This was taken during our class today 110311 in Land Dealing's class. 5 minutes break are the most useful time given by our Mdm to is the time to gossip,to take a nap, to day dream, to cheer up, to know what are we going to do for the whole day, to plan for weekends, to refresh, to list down what to buy, to think what to eat later, to have some snapshots here and there. But,the weirdest thing is that for the whole 2 hours, in any class or subjects or course, all of the students are very sleepy,but but but, during this 5minutes, suddenly the class become so cheerful, fresh, and happening. At the time we hear 'ok, take 5', the whole class  were not sleepy anymore. Agreed? Weirdest!

mpg night continue

These are the photos taken from Paez's camera at that night.

rose, markyie and shiela
lucky girl that night who gets the lucky draw
shiela & rose
Paez & rose
Sarah & shuhida
Sarah & amni
Sarah & harry
our first year students
then again
Too loud!!
Last but not least our classmate Qam.

These are the people who basically makes the crowd at the dinner and makes the dinner more happening of course. Hope to have a great dinner again on the next coming years!