Thursday, March 10, 2011

11th march 2011

The silliness of our law class..during 5minutes break of course..

Our lovely Mdm. can see the chargor & chargee at the back..
Shuhida & Ira
Ida cik, Sri mas, Qam is sleeping, Zaty looks really busy and whatever it is looks really complicated, aini, julaida johan, haryana, suzy ( I can only see her head ), & zubaidah....
at the next side, alina, illa, 2 gossip girls tham & than, kak ida, zaty again with aini, sarah and back to zubaidah.
pieqa, mas, yati, fatin & saleha..
gentlemens..are they?im not sure.. abbas, laskar, paez is sleeping under his blazer, syuk, umpi haler, ray & loh.
sri mas, iera & shuhida
Iera with the cute pose..ha....cute?jokes!

This was taken during our class today 110311 in Land Dealing's class. 5 minutes break are the most useful time given by our Mdm to is the time to gossip,to take a nap, to day dream, to cheer up, to know what are we going to do for the whole day, to plan for weekends, to refresh, to list down what to buy, to think what to eat later, to have some snapshots here and there. But,the weirdest thing is that for the whole 2 hours, in any class or subjects or course, all of the students are very sleepy,but but but, during this 5minutes, suddenly the class become so cheerful, fresh, and happening. At the time we hear 'ok, take 5', the whole class  were not sleepy anymore. Agreed? Weirdest!


  1. he..he..studies has shown that our concentration will last for the first 10 minutes, after that the mind goes astray & landed somewhere other thn d class or d teacher:) ...I'v been a student too...