Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It was a long time since I'd updated. Today's news is about scandal in our class 2-SGT. Who? With whom? When? Why? Where? What? How? ah...I don't really care. Well, I said SCANDAL, not COUPLE......yet!

First up, Faiz Sahaja and Neyda Surihani..met each other from- Neyda's voice while she is singing and paez looked at her..boom! Love at first sight huh?

This is paez...the naughty boy in class.
and this is neyda. She is kind of a singer in UTM and she is our junior. you may meet her in any dinner under UTM.

Second runner up, Rosasnizah and Radin. This is what I called, Double R..met each other through comments in facebook. What ?! It's true..

next guy to paez is radin. He is paez's best friend. This was the best picture I got.
This is Rose. In Zara TRF jacket.

Third runner up, Laskar Khilafah and Nik Syarifah Nurhazirah. Both of them are in our class. Laskar fell in love to Azi in such away he likes azi's post so much..LIKE LIKE LIKE.

laskar's HERE.
azi's click click

These are the people so far caught in scandals. Well, they actually didn't do all the date stuff. But, we never know. I said this in the most respectful way, I saw most of couple nowadays and still together met each other accidentally and they actually at first didn't realize that they like each other till they feel something inside, the vibe, the chemistry, the feeling, the bond and whatever relating to feelings and love. Not all, but yes out there, there is. I swear, we never know what might happen. Nobody knows.

These are the top 3 news so far. Just for fun. Nothing more. XOXO. GOSSIP POST. Scandal!