Monday, March 28, 2011

purple day yall!

I'm ready for the camera but others this one!
again the same post by me, Sarah why senyum alang-alang?Amni,phewwiit!hHarry,she smiled till I can't see her eyes.Yan, what are you thinking?Julaida,world peace no war. fatin, buy 2 kerepek from me 2ringgit...!!! Kilah, it was like a silkygirl photocover!puhh~~
I'm just wondering, maybe thats what I am going to look like when I cut my hair short like a boy..macho huh?puuh~~

Gonna miss y'all later for 4 months!!I mean the whole class....da...


  1. im new here.. =p amboi, gambar letop2 taw.. hehehe

  2. hahaahhahah...semestinya mas..x letop x best..