Thursday, March 31, 2011

Education festival

Our booth, Jabatan Pentadbiran Tanah
Ehha & Siti
Ehha, intruder named Paez & Siti
 Both ehha & azi are in pink, happier to get a pink balloon! For both of them indeed.
 Foreigners at our booth and even ask me to take their pictures..What else then? Smile!!
 Over & over again
Gabriel and Jack, our senior..inspire lots of people to study and enroll in our course.

This was held on last Thursday, 24032011, until 28032011..It was a good experience for us to meet lots of people and explain to them what are our course is all far, people are more interested to real estate matter..Maybe, they want to beat Donald Trump empire in the future..Who knows a Malaysian will be the next biggest empire on real estate..Insyaallah..Study well everyone! 

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