Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Party People of LAD Camp 2 # 3

It's our conference day or let me say our last day for survey in KL. Woohoo. No sun bathing anymore aite? Super happy faces I can see accept Pika who had lost her Samsung Experia Handphone on that day. Really feel bad for her. Be strong pika. While, on the same day Faiz got a free ticket (saman) from a guard in UTM KL cause of his hair. And on the same day, my big brother solemnization ( akad nikah ) being held on this day. Really, I want to cry when I saw my brother's video cause I'm away from my little family. Nvm, ada hikmah. Well, back to these pic, look at Faiz & Abbas, they are flirting with each other and alienate Pok Cek. By looking at the pictures, Pok Cek seems like jealous of them. Hahahahahahhahaa...Stay Tune~!

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