Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Visit to DBKL Part 1

Remember our visit to DBKL? Remember when most of the girls go nuts with this guy? Like Ju who asked me to take his pics with maximum zoom. ( Jgn marah Ju ) Heeee..The pic that I put in original size..Look at his name tag maybe his name is Sophia..hahahha..just kidding cause I don't know. Maybe he's tua but bergaya, his voice like the person that makes announcement during awards events, maybe he got that good looking face and he has his own sway..his fly..not terbang or lalat but fly fly ghetto language. Look at all these happy faces, can't wait to get all the menu served. Lapar pulak tgk nih..Sodapnye sweet & sour fish fillet..Slrrrrppp..Hahhahahah..Wait for part 2! Enjoy~!

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