Sunday, February 27, 2011

Exhausted yet excited

Jungle tracking was one of our to-do list in Teluk Gorek & we did it! Crazy time but lovely moment & the best thing was the great experience. Especially for the wanna-be ranger and the heroes that saved lives. Hahhahahahaha!!!! I even still can laugh now thinking of what we had been through especially what happened to my friend Abbas Ahmad Adami. Enjoy!

wooohhooooo.llulullluuuuulululul.. im here..woiiiiiiii!
 Chicken Little loves to make that kind of smile. Pressure on the upper lips.
 Look at that laugh faiz made & that evil eye. Heyheheyhehheyh..
 The view & worth hiking scenery
Feeling the air!!

There's a lot of things happened during jungle tracking & fyi, it was the first ever for abbas to go for jungle tracking. No wonder la oh. Hhahahahhaha..

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