Sunday, February 27, 2011

Teluk Gorek ( part 1 )

We are at Teluk Gorek in Mersing, Johor having our program & FYE for the first year students. Frankly speaking, for us which is my team had a blast & lots of crazy things going on throughout the 3 days & 2 nights event. Nothing left to say, just enjoy our silent yet crazy pictures!

Part 1 ( at the beach , group pics )

 I saw LALA
 Now, I saw ALAL
do you?
 The flying man is one of my friends, known as mark yie. 

Part 2 ( at the beach, small group pics, maybe couple photos, maybe, LOL!! )

 Look at faiz's body shape. Pheeeewittt!
What's going on? interpretation? explanation?

Part 3 ( at the beach, solo pics )

 He's ready to fly, he's known as GOKU.


  1. HAHA..gmbo yang ade matyie uw paling xley blahh..=p

  2. haaaaa....dont mess with my classm8.ade bukti tu caught in cam.jgn mcm2..hahahahha..