Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fruits & Flowers

Strawberry berry berry~
This is Lavender for those who didn't know yup yup! 


Super excited when she get closer to the tree..super I tell you..
Nice pastel & bright colours..
Paez aka Remy Ishak
Pok Cek aka Awal Ashaari
Izat aka Shamsul Yusof
Abas aka Tupac
Dah xleh masok, but still jugak nak menyelit masok dudok..Hmmmm...what else can I say..
Mmm..girls & is here..Susah nye nak suroh senyum kat camera!!!!!! Byk karenah & songeh sekalian sekawan.

Haaaaa~!!! Baru betul..Done for this one..but....
Group pics..sigh..another problem..Guys dah layan macho ala artis lelaki melayu popular..Girls sibok gossip semalam xhabes2 lagi.
Yeay..complete semua!!!
Eheemmm Pok Cek, rapat sikit kaki tu mcm paez..xbalance..HAHAHHAH! Apa punye pose terbaru la nih?
Us five~! Yeay~~~~

Hallo hallo hallo~! This was the trip to one of Cameron's strawberry farm. Sorry for those who was not in this post but..oh well dear..I certainly highly believe that there's photo of you throughout this LAD Camp in previous post..Anywho, I hope you enjoyed!!! Spread the love~

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  1. see faiz face when he want to get on the "swing chair" HAHAHAHAHA!!!! FUNNY!