Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pasar Raya Cameron Highland

I ate sarang lebah and its honey bebeh!!
Lepas makan jd extra gelenyar..
Excited faces who can't wait to end up LAD Camp 1st phase..Me too at that time!
Halo halo hallo everyone who reading this..This is the last post that related to LAD Camp 2. Sorry peeps, I didn't take pictures during our 2nd phase. UUUUuuuuuuu girl, I have almost 700 pics of yall. So, I think that's more than enough babes. Sooooooo here, I would like to wish you all GOODLUCK for a new problem-free sixth semester. Tomorrow it is~! Happy New Semester everyone.. Aim higher~

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  1. excited to end first phase ha?? haaa?? hahaha..WHY? explain please! hahaha!