Thursday, April 19, 2012

Super Happening Trip Day #1

Bermanja-manja dengan ex room mate....always happy!!!
Spice Girls
Siti's ambition is to be the ambassador of Bubble Tea... 
Which one is cuter? the baby boy or pok cek? HAHAHHAH..
BerseleraAAA~~ Bajet makan untuk 4 hari sekali gus for camping..
This guy with the hood, at this time he thought we're going to stay at UTM KL or some place atleast with bed & mattress...What he didn't know is, unfortunately, we're staying in a tent Abas..HAhaahahaha..

Hello hello hello everyone!!!! Yes yes we meet again~ Sorry for the late update due to our precious assignmentS, programS, reportS, presentationS, testS and other work ( all with S ) that needed to be done. Anyway!! Let me share this pictures to all of you and it was taken while we are on our way to Nur Lembah Pangsun for EIA Camp Program 2012. Enjoy!!

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  1. since when i dream to be ambassador???
    so "village" lah cool blog...
    i want to be ambassador of H&M @ least!!! MNG...hahahaha