Thursday, April 19, 2012

Havoc Day #2 Nur Lembah Pangsun > Morning Session

Pak Andak sembelit!!!!! Constipation....
What on earth are you trying to do Pok Cek?
Su Yuen is trying to fly
Full with energy!!
Everyone are posing for Mamarazzi~
These two pictures shows the new three quater roll-up pants trend.
the BEST group..hahahaha..just kidding~
It's a some catwalk..
A happy ranger
Happy sokmo nak naek gunong
Tiga ahli PALAPES on stand by
Errrrrrrrrr..what the?
Yeay!!! This what I'm talking & good vibe everyone
Swim? or not to swim? swim?! no?! SWIM!!
Yes, pit stop..lets get some H20~
Coverage? Yes one bar.. oh gone..aish.. " Alaar, nnt kite cakap lagi na.. ta daq line nih, sabaq ja dulu, line ta daq pacat ada..tata titi tutu"
Oh ikan kaloi~~~
Aku kene carik spot letak baju aku nih, mane nih..takut basah nanti..
Ok, sekarang baru boleh main air terjun..yes yes!
Fuuuuuu~~~ Fly fly away Mastura the supermodel
Wewiittt!!!! We have a guy model here, we need Nigel Baker to take Faiz's shots! Hahahaha..
Heading down

We went for jungle tracking after some morning aerobic and exercises. It went very well not like the previous jungle tracking in Teluk Gorek where some group of people dreaming of being the power rangers in that jungle. hahahahh. And Abas at that time, with his great new cutting and very trendy pants "really" cooperating with him at that long journey and tiring yet great jungle tracking...Hhahahahah..What a memory. Uuuuuuu....cold waterfall soooo refreshing!!!! Till then...Enjoy my friends~

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